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Based in the heart of Galway City.We are proud to be 100% Irish!

Our company was founded in Ireland, our staff all work in Ireland, and we are now proud to display the Guaranteed Irish logo on our website.

It also means that we’re supporting Irish jobs, and the money we make stays right here in Ireland.


Our mission is to help Irish SMB’s get to the next level by cutting costs and experiencing digital transformation.


Over 12 years industry experience in Communications Technology and Fuel.


To be Irish and helping Irish Communities providing local jobs.


We let you choose from the top 3 industry vendors that suit your bespoke requirements.

We can help to speed up your communications in every way you can think of! From faster, affordable internet to enhanced employee experince (EX) and customer experience (CX).

  • Improve your telecoms for remote and hybrid working
  • Unify your communications onto one platform. (UC)
  • Get cloud-based phones for an improved telecoms strategy
  • Omni Channel – Open up Whatsapp, facebook chatbot channels with Cloud Contact Centers (CCaaS)

There are countless business phone system providers in Ireland at the moment, but they don’t all provide the same standard of service. Our favourites include 8x8, Avaya, Ring Central and Cisco as these providers all boast reliable systems with a variety of impressive features.

Our free quote-matching service is quick and easy to use:

A Telecoms specialist from Master the Market will get in touch so you can ask questions and receive quotes tailored directly for your needs. We will set up 3 demo times with the most suitable Vendors. You’ll then be armed with all of the information you need to confidently compare, and choose from, the top suppliers for you.

We make money by taking the same small fee from the selected 3 vendors for making the connection making us  impartial and the customer gets the best deal in the quickest posibble time.